My intention  is to help people find greater joy, stability and relaxation through sharing my practice of Yoga, Yoga therapy, Zen Buddhist meditation, and other Eastern healing traditions.

I believe that these practices can help people along their healing path through bringing mind and body together to find the spirit of harmony that lives inside each of us.

I offer yoga therapy for people with chronic tension or pain in the back, neck, or shoulders. Private sesssions of yoga therapy can help you live and move with greater awareness, freedom and ease. 

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Together with Robert Thomas, I lead Zen Mind, Yoga Body retreats that offer an experience of the integration of the practice of Zen meditation and Yoga, at Tassajara, Green Gulch Farm, and the Zen Center in San Francisco. 

I am very grateful and happy to have the wonderful opportunity to offer to others all that I have learned on my own healing path over the last twenty or so years.

May we, together with all beings, 
be happy and live in safety and peace,


"Samantha's approach to yoga is about incorporating joy into the very marrow of one's being!"    
~Catherine T.
Integrating classical & therapeutic Yoga 
with Eastern healing traditions
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Samantha Ostergaard
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